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I support creative professionals in their personal growth so they can develop an abundant mindset, conquer their fears and make real-world impact

Matt Saunders

From freelancer to business coach

I began freelancing in 2009 after a couple of years working in design studios. As a cocky twenty-something, I thought I knew it all. In reality, I knew next to nothing.

My freelance business lacked vision and purpose. Nothing underpinned my daily activities. I was washed around like a ship lost at sea. I yearned for a sense of direction, something to work toward, but it didn't happen. I ended up back in a full-time job.

My breakthrough came several years later when I immersed myself in a world of learning and personal development. I soon realised that I lacked some core attributes needed to be successful in business: optimism, confidence, accountability and a sense of purpose.

At some point, every business needs outside help. When I enlisted the support of a coach, everything changed. My vision began to crystalise and I became inspired to work toward it. Not only have I built a six figure web design business, I now coach others in the creative industry to help them achieve their dreams.

Let's bring your vision to life

Whether you want a space to reflect, or are hungry for the next level, I can help. Whatever your goals, we can design your perfect life and put steps in place to make it happen. Every one of us deserves to live a happy and prosperous life, and yet too many creatives experience difficult clients, growing pains and the dreaded feast-famine cycle. Coaching with me will turn this around for you. It'll give you the tools you need to create a wonderful business. It'll level you up in all areas of life.

My belief is that with more creatively fulfilled people, our sector will produce better work. This leads to a better world for all of us.

Are you ready for massive growth and to change the creative industry for the better?

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