Matt Saunders

Build a creative business that has real impact

I help creative professionals find their purpose and use their skills for good so they can drive positive change for people and planet

Matt Saunders

What is the point?

I spent the first 10 years of my career as a web designer doing work that did not inspire me.

I entered into a commercial sector where everything was about numbers. Economic growth seemed to be the only thing that mattered, and this never sat well with me. I thought it was utterly dull.

Then almost by accident, I found myself working with a couple of charities. This was my change catalyst. I discovered a HUGE piece of the puzzle that was missing from my work as a web designer: purpose.

What followed was the launch of a new business focused squarely on helping non-profits to up their digital game. Over a three year period I helped dozens of organisations raise £500,000+ online.

This transformed my business from pointless to purposeful, and I want to help you do the same.

Let's bring your vision to life

You have a restless desire to use your skills for good, but you're not sure how. You're tired of working for clients who don't seem to care about anything other than the bottom line. There's just... something missing.

I can help you if:

  • You need help figuring out how to use your skills for good
  • You have an idea for a purposeful business, but need strategic support
  • Your confidence or belief in yourself or your business is a little shaken
  • You struggle with pricing, generating leads or closing sales
  • You lack structure and accountability in your work

My Create for Change coaching programme will transform your business so you can finally use your skills for the benefit of people and planet.

My experience

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