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A Better Way to Hire Freelancers

The way that freelancers and companies find each other needs a total overhaul

“I need a web developer, hit me up”

I see these sorts of posts all the time on social media. They’re typically swamped with freelancers, clambering over one another desperately trying to be seen among a crowd of comments.

It saddens me deeply. Not just because there are an awful lot of freelancers out there who don’t get the opportunities they deserve, but because as an industry, we all deserve better. This includes those doing the hiring.

Build better teams by digging deeper

What makes one SEO specialist different from all the others? How does one WordPress developer stand out among the millions?

These are the questions that both freelancers and the companies hiring them seriously need to start asking. If we don’t, we will continue to create shoddy products, built by unhappy teams who end up resenting each other.

The best projects happen when people come together who share similar values to bring laser-focused expertise to the table.

If you’re building a mental health app, for example, you would benefit greatly from working with a developer who has an intimate understanding of mental health. You don’t find this person by advertising for any old developer; you find this person by pitching your vision and asking for help.

If you put your purpose front and centre, it will resonate with a smaller number of developers.

By intentionally limiting your options you stand a much greater chance of finding a more effective and engaged developer. This is how great teams are built.

The best projects happen when people come together who share similar values to bring laser-focused expertise to the table.

So the next time you are hiring, don’t focus too heavily on the service. There are literally millions of service providers. Instead, talk about your purpose. Here’s an example:

Mental Health App is hiring again! We’re looking to meet app developers who are as passionate about tackling depression and anxiety as much as we are. Perhaps you have lived experience of poor mental health, or know somebody close to you who struggles with theirs. Come find out more about how we are supporting those going through mental distress, and learn how your awesome coding skills can help revolutionise the sector {click for full job description}

In exactly the same way we must inspire people to buy our products or services, we should also seek to inspire talented people to come and work with us.

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