Matt Saunders
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If You Have Imposter Syndrome, You Might Be an Imposter. And That's Okay.

It doesn't mean that you should stop what you're doing

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Imposter syndrome has a lot to answer for. It tells us we are not qualified, that everyone else knows better than we do. It can affect freelancers and business owners and anyone who's chosen to take their own path in life. It makes us analyse ourselves into paralysis, leading us to think that everyone else is smarter than use. Meanwhile, we keep our own talents locked away. In the hundreds of conversations I've had, imposter syndrome seems to disproportionately affect women.

Well, fuck imposter syndrome, that's what I say. The way I see it, nobody and nothing is perfect, so why all the pressure?

There are only two things I look for in myself and others:

If I can't do something I don't pretend that I can. I tell my clients that this thing they want me to do is outside of my ability right now, but if we both fancy me having a crack at it, I'll figure it out.

Imposter syndrome is smashed when you're honest with yourself and others. It shrinks when you actively try to improve things for yourself and those around you.

For every secretly-awesome, self-doubting freelancer, there's a charlatan ripping someone off. We owe it to ourselves as an industry to kick imposter syndrome and just do what feels right.

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