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The One Question to Ask to Find Out if a Client Is Right for You

The way you rank your clients is vitally important

I used to rank my web design clients against three criteria. These where:

  1. Do I enjoy working with them?
  2. Is the work profitable?
  3. Is the work portfolio-worthy?

Any less than two out of three and I wouldn't take the project on.

For a time, this way of thinking worked quite well, but I came to learn that it was fundamentally flawed. Here’s why.

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How can I help?

Judging clients and projects in this way might seem sensible. But the problem is these questions are all me, me, me:

Don’t get me wrong, these are hugely important questions to ask. You need to make a profit; you are running a business, after all. But these questions are all second to the one I now ask myself, first and foremost: how can I help?

As freelancers we work in the service industry. But too often, that gets forgotten. To provide a service is to serve.

When you score projects in a me-centered way, you tend to serve yourself first. Once I flipped that around and asked “how can I help?”, everything else just fell into place.

As business owners we sometimes forget that our primary purpose is to serve

So the next time a prospective customer comes your way, don’t get bogged down by all the wrong questions. Start by simply asking, how can I help?

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