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The Wake-up Call I Needed to Finally Start Charging What I Am Worth

Are you accidentally attracting the wrong clients?

I used to love website design.

Not as a job, not even as a career. Just a pure love for the craft.

I would obsess over the finite details of my work. It didn't even matter if it was never going to be seen by others. It mattered to me.

I approached web design as an art.

But I was also extremely unconfident. I didn't see myself, or by extension my work, as having much value in the world. This meant that when I bravely/foolishly began freelancing, I drammatically undercharged for my work.

And because I didn't truly recognise the value of this work, I attracted clients who felt the same.

Shitty clients who saw only a cost, never an investment. Just a website, not a vehicle for their brand, a platform for their business.

This revealed a cavernous gap between what I considered important, and what the client saw as important.

To me, the craft mattered. Everything from the wireframing process to the structure of my CSS files, from the validity of my HTML to the deployment procedure; these were all aspects of the work I took great pride in.

There was a mismatch in values. My clients simply didn't see things in the same way.

(Side note: I did a whole thing on values that you can watch here if you'd like.)

If you love your work, it is vital to find customers who appreciate it too. It pains me to see so many passionate freelancers toiling away against clients who just don't get it.

But the good news is that the GREAT clients are out there! People who understand and appreciate the work, and are willing to invest in you and your processes. They are in plentiful supply. But if you're out in the world charging peanuts, you just won't appear on their radar.

Those aspirational clients are looking in different places, and you're not there.

If you love your work and want to start attracting clients who feel the same, get in touch with me to find out how I can help transform the way you see yourself so you can finally start commanding the rates you're worth from people who just get it.