Matt Saunders

I help creative professionals use their skills for good

Personalised one-to-one coaching for restless creatives who want to make a positive environmental and social impact

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Is something missing in your work?

You have a restless desire to make real impact in the world using your creative skills. You're tired of working for boring, profit-focused clients and you know deep down that your time could be spent working on something more purposeful. But how?

This was me five years ago, until one day, I decided to start working with small non-profits to support their digital growth. Since then I have been engaged in hundreds of conversations and projects with individuals and teams who are making a positive social and environmental impact.

I help the creative community use their skills for good. If you're a writer, designer, coder, illustrator, photographer or engaged in any creative discipline, I can help you to find the purpose and personal power you need to make the impact you want.

Your path to purpose

My Create for Change coaching programme will help you to:

  • Establish a rock solid foundation for who you help, what you do and WHY you do it
  • Find the confidence and tenacity to put yourself out there, and provide the support and accountability you need to grow
  • Develop a pricing strategy that's fair to both you and your clients
  • Generate an abundance of leads for your business
  • Close sales for your business without feeling "salesy"

How the programme is delivered:

  • Personalised 1-to-1 programme
  • 10 x 70 minute Zoom sessions over 12 weeks
  • Unlimited email support

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Where can you make the most impact?

I help creative people like you use your skills for good through my personalised Create for Change coaching programme. Together, we develop a strategy to get you in front of the right people. These could be...

Charities, B Corps & social enterprises

Learn how to make an impact in the non-profit sector without donating your time and skills for free

Political & campaigning organisations

Learn how to use your skills to support grassroots campaigns and influence policymaking

Sustainability & tech for good startups

Learn how to identify and unlock opportunities in the burgeoning tech for good sector

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Who is my coaching programme for?

If you want to use your creative skills to make positive change in the world, I can help. Together, we'll dig into your ambitions and dreams so you can build a business that has real impact.






What people say

Luke Martin

Matt's easy-going and nuanced coaching style, combined with third sector experience and digital expertise helped to deliver genuine insight.

Luke Martin
Digital Marketing Manager, Yorkshire Cancer Research
Jen Ruthe

I thought I needed a new pricing model. But it turns out that what I really needed was the confidence to be me. Matt helped me see this. He helped me get out of my head, understand who I am as a businesswoman, and lay the foundations for where I know my business can be.

Jen Ruthe
Copywriter for Non-Profits
Alex Fearon

I felt like my business was officially entering the next phase, and I needed someone external to help me untangle all the 'business owner stuff' in my brain. From working with Matt, I've figured out how I can reconnect to my WHY to build a business that's truly authentic to me

Alex Fearon
Maybe Later, Marketing for Non-Profits
Mike Cottam

Matt is amazing. Through his guidance, I have been able to discover who I work best with and how my values align with my ideal client. This has enabled me to not only focus on who I work with, but to align my business with my ideal client. His questioning and probing empowered me to look inside myself for the answers. If you are struggling with any aspect of your business - have a conversation with Matt, I promise you it will change you for the better.

Mike Cottam
Web Developer
Matthew Andrew

Matt's workshop was positive and energising. It was so useful to learn more about how we can work smarter from a marketing perspective.

Matthew Andrew
Marketing Manager, Heart of BS13
Chris Willerton

Working with Matt made me realise what was possible, and I actually changed direction completely on a couple of things with a better understanding of myself. Matt himself is very warm, reflecting back your thoughts perfectly, but then really helping to get into the heart of a particular matter.

Chris Willerton
Web Developer