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1-to-1 coaching to help creative freelancers level-up in all areas

Stuck in a rut or just need a sounding board? Going it alone can be tough. Let's work together to figure things out and create a path forward.

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Running your own business has its ups and downs. One moment you're enjoying a wave of optimism, the next, you're completely overwhelmed. From lost pitches and tough clients, to hesitation and financial stress. Working alone means you don't have anyone to turn to when you need to talk it through.

Underpinning many of the challenges faced by freelancers of all ages are issues of confidence, self-worth and purpose. As a web designer-turned-coach with a long history of working through these issues, my goal is to help you uncover the tools you need to build the business you really want.

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Do these sound familiar?

  • You love the freedom of freelancing but lack a sense of direction.
  • You don't know whether to stay small or build an agency.
  • You work lots of hours but feel like you don't have enough money.
  • You struggle to control demanding and difficult clients.
  • You don't generate enough leads.
  • You often feel like an imposter.

Things can be better

When freelancers struggle, everybody suffers. Clients are unsatisfied by the work being produced and end-customers are underserved. But the most creatively fulfilled freelancers do great work and everybody wins! 🏆

I envisage a world where freelancers are empowered to do their best work. Through dedicated 1-to-1 freelance coaching, I offer a space for freelancers like you to reflect, to dream and to plan. I can help you find the confidence, direction and purpose to transform your freelance business, and to build the life you want.

A coaching programme to meet your goals


3 month coaching programme for startups

  • Ideal for new freelancers.
  • Focus on goals, mindset and strategy.
  • Figure out how to set your prices.
  • Create a sales pipeline.
  • 3 months accountability and support.

Transform your mindset 🔥


3 month coaching programme for established businesses

  • Ideal for those earning £5k+/month.
  • Uncover opportunities to grow.
  • Optimise your processes.
  • Determine "what's next?" for you.
  • 3 months accountability and support.

Scale up your business 📈


Ongoing coaching programme for consistent growth

  • Continue to push yourself.
  • Tackle new challenges as they arise.
  • Maintain a positive mindset.
  • Accountability and empowerment.
  • A safe space to reflect and dream.

Keep getting better 💪

Matt's easy-going and nuanced coaching style, combined with sector experience and digital expertise helped deliver genuine insight

Luke Martin, Digital Marketing Manager

Frequently asked questions

What is coaching?

A coaching session offers a safe and non-judgemental space to express any problems or ideas that you'd like to work through. Unlike mentors, coaches do not give advice. It is about empowering you to unlock the answers for yourself. Coaches believe that you have all the tools you need, and the coaching relationship simply helps to uncover them. This is achieved by asking high quality questions and working toward clear actions that will get you to where you want to go at a pace that's right for you.

Who is freelancer coaching for?

My goal is to level-up the creative sector from the inside out. My coaching programme is specifically designed to help web designers/developers, copywriters, graphic designers, art directors and agency founders dramatically improve the way they do business. The programme will be tailored to your specific needs, but generally we will cover topics such as mission and purpose, marketing strategy, client management and growth. If you fit the bill, book your 1-to-1 coaching place now.

Why get freelance coaching?

Freelancers go out into the world alone. The word "freelance" finds its origin in the medieval notion of a mercenary who would fight for whichever army paid them the most. But going it on your own can be tough because there is nobody to hold you accountable or offer any professional guidance. Coaching, especially that designed specifically for freelancers, invites you to reflect and make decisions in a safe and productive space. It can put you on a fast-track to growth and help you stand out in the crowd.

What is expected of me?

The coaching relationship works best when you are open-minded and reflective. This means being open to challenging your pre-existing assumptions and beliefs. Coaching is about moving you closer to your goals (or simply helping to define them) but ultimately, a strong coaching relationship will empower you to develop and grow both professionally and personally.

How does coaching differ from other interventions?

Coaching is chiefly designed to support your goals and aspirations for the future. Other interventions, such as counselling, can be used to delve into your past and help deal with trauma. Whilst coaching might involve discussions about where you've been, it does not focus on traumatic experiences that would be best explored in a counselling environment.

How does this differ to life coaching?

Generally speaking there is life coaching and business coaching, but for freelancers there is often a large overlap between the two. For me, coaching takes into account the whole person, focusing on your personal and professional goals and experiences. Therefore, the tools you gain from coaching can be used in all areas of life.

How much does coaching cost?

I offer two coaching programmes. The ShapeUp plan is designed for startup businesses who typically need support in figuring out their plan of action. The PowerUp plan is for the freelancer or business owner who has successfully scaled their operation to a good size but is now asking "what next?". The pricing of each reflects the level of investment needed to support the goals of those who best fit either of the two camps.

What if coaching doesn't help?

Everybody is different and it may be the case that coaching is not the right tool for you. If you're not sure I invite you to get in touch with me to find out more about coaching and how we may work together.