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I work with designers and writers

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Coaching for Web Designers

Stand out from the crowd by enrolling on a dedicated, high-level coaching programme for ambitious web design business owners

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Coaching for Copywriters

Grow your confidence, get high-quality clients and make more money on a dedicated 1:1 coaching programme for passionate copywriters

Matt's easy-going and nuanced coaching style, combined with sector experience and digital expertise helped deliver genuine insight

Luke Martin, Digital Marketing Manager

Frequently asked questions

What is coaching?

A coaching session offers a safe and non-judgemental space to express any problems or ideas that you'd like to work through. Unlike mentors, coaches do not tend to give advice. Coaching is about helping you to unlock the answers for yourself, empowering you to make decisions more confidently so you can grow your business on your own terms.

Who is this coaching for?

I work with web designers and copywriters who are ready for that next step. This could be to dramatically increase revenue, hire staff or simply to develop a stronger business strategy. The most productive coaching clients are hungry and ready for growth.

Why get coaching?

As a solo worker or the leader of a small team, you must be self-motivated and posess a clear sense of direction. Coaching helps to crystalise your vision, adds accontability to your most positive steps and gives you support when it feels like there is nowhere else to turn. Coaching is best suited to those with an appetite for the "next level" but need some structure and support in getting there.

Do you offer a power hour?

A power hour is a 60 minute window for brainstorming and reflection. Whilst these can have value, I find it is signifcantly more impactful to work together over a longer period of time (at least three months). My coaching programmes for freelancers and business owners are developed to deliver transformational growth, helping you to level up in all areas with lasting impact.

What is expected of me?

The coaching relationship works best when you are open-minded and reflective. This means being open to challenging your pre-existing assumptions and beliefs. Coaching is about moving you closer to your goals (or simply helping to define them) but ultimately, a strong coaching relationship will empower you to develop and grow both professionally and personally.

Is coaching like counselling?

Coaching is intended to support your goals and aspirations for the future. Other interventions such as counselling can be used to delve into your past and help deal with trauma. Whilst coaching might involve discussions about where you've been, it does not focus on traumatic experiences that would be best explored in a counselling environment.

Is business coaching like life coaching?

There is often a large overlap between the two. Coaching takes into account the whole person, focusing on your personal and professional goals and experiences. Therefore, the tools you gain from coaching can be used in all areas of life.

How much does coaching cost?

Regardless of where you're at on your journey, coaching should be seen as an investment in your long term growth. When approached with an open mind and applied with intent, coaching can be transformational. The reason I do not publicly state my coaching fees is because it is much more helpful to explore the possibilities in a 1:1 setting before any important decisions are made. Contact me here to start the conversation.

What if coaching doesn't help?

We would generally hold two conversations before any commitments are made. This helps us both to understand the value in the relationship. If it seems like you won't benefit from coaching, I won't make an offer to you. In any case I offer a full 14 day money back guarantee if you change your mind for whatever reason.