For freelancers, coaches & business owners who want accountability and insight from someone who's been there, done it and just gets it.

Stay on track with accountability & support when you need it

Avoid overwhelm, take structured action and move your business forward.
The accountability and goal-setting of Matt’s coaching was really invaluable. I improved my beliefs, mindset, and approach to my business. - Oli, Copywriter
Matt helped me get out of my head, understand who I am as a businesswoman, and lay the foundations for where I know my business can be - Jen, Copywriter
Matt helped me identify a really important thing which has led to me having my most successful month in the 10 years I’ve been running a business - Andy, Designer

What's getting in your way?

Lack of focus

It can be so easy to take on too much work, feel overwhelmed and not know which direction to take your business in.

This can:

❌ Keep you awake at night as your mind races a million miles an hour.

❌ Hurt your productivity as you jump from one shiny idea to the next.

❌ Burn you out as you don't see results from any of your actions.


Second guessing yourself too often is a recipe for self-sabotage because uncertainty makes you take the "safe" route.

This can:

❌ Prevent you from growing personally and professionally.

❌ Keep you from taking on better, higher-paying clients.

❌ Lead to you going through the motions, never proactively moving your business forward.


It can be hard to prioritise and action the most important tasks when running a business alone with no accountability.

This can:

❌ Cause you to get stuck in the dreaded "feast or famine" cycle.

❌ Leave you asking "what next?" when you finish up a project.

❌ Make you continuously question your choices and never really settle on a solid strategy.

Strategic support and accountability coaching

Every top performer has strategic support to keep them running at their personal best. And that is exactly what you'll get when you hire an accountability coach.

✅ Get hyper-focused on the tasks that are going to move your business forward, and take accountability-backed action on them every single week.

✅ Sound out your ideas, test your assumptions and get  strategy-level input from someone who's been there and done it (and is still doing it).

✅ Gain peace of mind from knowing that you've got support to ensure you're making the right moves to accelerate your business.
Matt listening to a coaching client speaking

Client success

Write your awesome label here.
"I'm feeling so much more calm, so much relaxed and in  so much more in control"

Alex came to me when his copywriting business was at point of growth. I worked with him to find the best path forward to support his goals for both himself, his family and his clients.
Write your awesome label here.
"The difference between me 5 months ago and me now is insane"

Jake desperately needed some help to develop his offer, deal with procrastination and get better at sales. Now he's able to proactively secure work and feels in "absolute control" of his business. 
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"At one point I decided I need to get someone to help me with this"

Michel approached me because his client acquisition strategy wasn't working. Within a few sessions we identified a better way and Michel started landing sales conversations and paying clients quickly.
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"Now I feel more excited about the future and a lot less anxious"

Amy came to me desperately looking to book new clients and lacking in confidence after a tough year. Together we improved her mindset and strategy for approaching prospects and running sales calls. Now she is fully booked.
From working with Matt, I've figured out how I can reconnect to my WHY to build a business that's truly authentic to me - Alex, Email Marketer
Matt's coaching freed me up to take massive action and land a $10k deal I would have missed out on if was still stuck in my own head - Noah, Designer
Matt provided us with fantastic insight, expertise and honesty in his coaching which has helped us massively in moving the business forward - Colin, Creative Director
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Meet your accountability coach

Hi, I'm Matt 👋

Having built a six figure agency, I coach equally ambitious businesspeople to reach their full potential. I've been featured in various publications and podcasts from Freelancer Magazine to 15 Minute Freelancer and have clocked up 1,000+ hours in 1:1 and group coaching.

So, you're in safe hands.
Tired of doing it all alone?

Work with me to gain accountability, increase productivity & accelerate business growth

✅ Coaching call 3x a month
✅ Email support between sessions
✅ Instant access to The Solo Collective

Want results like these? Book a call 👇
For real results I coach in 4 month blocks. The investment is £650 per month or £2,400 up-front.

Join a community of business owners

As well as support and guidance from me in private one-to-one coaching sessions, you'll get instant access to my online community, The Solo Collective. In this you'll find:
✅ Weekly group calls
✅ Tools and resources
✅ Weekly deep work sessions
✅ Project opportunities posted 3x a week
✅ A supportive community

Get support and guidance between sessions

The one-to-one accountability calls alone can seriously accelerate your business, but what about when challenges crop up between sessions during the week?

You might need help dealing with a tricky client, want a sounding board on your proposal or just need someone to talk to. I get it, and I'm here for that. You can email, voice note or DM me so you're not doing it all alone.
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How coaching can help

What sort of things can you bring to a coaching session? How does coaching actually help grow your business? Here are a few ways I support my coaching clients...

Sounding board

Talk through your ideas and challenges with someone you trust in a productive and non-judgemental space.


Get hands-on business support from someone who's been there, done it and truly understands.

A second opinion

Get constructive feedback on your work so you can iterate, improve and produce much better results.


Stop winging it and feel more in control of your business by committing to actions that will move you forward. 

Frequently asked questions

How long is each accountability session?

Each coaching session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching is delivered in 4 month blocks. The investment is £650 per month or £2,400 up-front.

How will my progress be tracked?

We use a shared document to capture goals and track actions.

How are the sessions delivered?

Typically on Zoom, but if you're local to Leeds (Yorkshire) we can meet in person for the occasional session.

What if I need to cancel a session?

That's fine - we can re-book at a convenient time.

Are sessions run at the same time?

Yep - so you can carve out time to work on your business.

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