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Stand out from the crowd by enrolling on a dedicated, high-level coaching programme for ambitious web design business owners

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Grow your business, multiply your impact

Objectives are tailored to your specific requirements. This is a 1:1 coaching programme, not an online course. Here's what coaching can do for you:

Earn a higher rate for your work

Land your dream clients

Develop SOPs so you can hire

Achieve a better work/life balance

Build your brand

Feel like you can take on the world!

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What the coaching programme covers

This is a tailored 1:1 coaching programme for web design business owners who are seeking more sales, better clients and increased impact. Here's what the programme covers in a nutshell:


Develop a positive mindset so you feel less stressed and enjoy greater confidence


Gain structure and accountability to avoid busywork and focus on tasks that move you forward


Zero in on your brand, marketing and messaging to find your perfect clients easily


Get weekly calls and email support whenever you need a sense check or second opinion


Set personal development goals so you can amaze your clients and grow your income

Your step-by-step plan for growth

This web designer coaching programme has been developed to get results. It covers four essential areas to support your growth. Here's what each part covers:

The Big Picture

We'll dig deep into your goals and motivations to create your personal vision of success


We'll delve into your story to uncover and remove what stands in your way

Free Thinking

We'll get up above the clouds to create a genuine sense of possibility


We'll consolidate your learning to develop an action plan for massive growth

How business coaching helps you

If you're a solo web designer or the director of a small team looking to grow, this web design business coaching will be perfect for you.

  • You want to develop your brand so you can attract your ideal client
  • You want to optimise your processes so you can scale your impact
  • You want more purpose, structure and accountability in your week
  • You want to create additional and sustainable income streams
  • You want to scale your income to consistently £10k+ per month
Coaching session
Coaching session

What does enrolment look like?

The sole objective of this business coaching programme is to equip web design agency owners with everything they need to seriously up their game. Here's what enrolment looks like:

  • Places are extremely limited to ensure the very best service (please only apply if you are serious about transformational growth)
  • Every week get a one-to-one call with email support in between
  • Between sessions engage in various activities to challenge your thinking and create space for new ideas

1:1 coaching with me 👋

Hi! I'm Matt. I'm a business coach for freelancers and founders of creative businesses.

I've been building websites since 2001. Since then I've worked in various design agencies as both a front-end designer and back-end developer. I grew my own web design agency to six figures after just two years.

Digital design is still in its infancy. There has never been a better time to be a web design business owner. And I passionately believe that by lifting others up, we can create a design sector that produces the highest quality work. This makes a better world for all of us.

If you'd like to be a part of this apply to coach with me now (places are limited to ensure the greatest impact).

Who I've worked with:

Matt Saunders

What people say

Luke Martin

Matt's easy-going and nuanced coaching style, combined with sector experience and digital expertise helped deliver genuine insight.

Luke Martin, Digital Marketing Manager
Mike Cottam

Matt is amazing. Through his guidance, I have been able to discover who I work best with and how my values align with my ideal client. This has enabled me to not only focus on who I work with, but to align my business with my ideal client. His questioning and probing empowered me to look inside myself for the answers. If you are struggling with any aspect of your business - have a conversation with Matt, I promise you it will change you for the better.

Mike Cottam, Website Developer
Matthew Andrew

Matt's workshop was positive and energising. It was so useful to learn more about how we can work smarter from a marketing perspective.

Matthew Andrew, Marketing Manager

Let's build a business you love

Make an investment in yourself to start seeing transformative results in a matter of weeks. More web design sales, better quality clients and a higher-impact business is within your reach. Here's how to prepare for your coach discovery session:

  • Bring your biggest challenges and goals
  • Take this as an opportunity to reset your thinking
  • Keep an open and inquisitive mind and be ready to be challenged!

Remember: this is a fully-remote, one-to-one coaching programme for web design business/agency owners. It includes weekly check-ins oriented toward your growth. The more you apply yourself to your own personal development, the more you will gain from this programme.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Frequently asked questions

How does payment work?

A big part of coaching is practicing a positive and abundant mindset. By making a financial commitment up-front and in full you give yourself a signal that big things are about to happen!

Will you nag me to niche down?

I won't nag you to do anything! However, a significant part of this programme - and what makes businesses successful in general - is deeply understanding your perfect client. Lead generation and sales conversations are so much easier when you know your customer, so we'll work together to figure out exactly who this is.

What activities will I be doing?

A coaching session is a great place to take a breath but the real work happens between sessions. You'll be asked to complete activities that encourage you to reflect, to question and to challenge your own story and experiences. We'll discuss your findings during the coach sessions to build the best path forward for you.

Are you a web design mentor?

Mentoring involves giving advice to mentees based on lessons learned from one's own experience. Whilst I will occasionally offer suggestions, coaching is specifically intended to empower you so that you feel confident and self-assured in your own abilities. A mentor is more like a business advisor than a coach, and is therefore less impactful when it comes to supporting your personal growth to becoming a confident and independent business owner.

Does it matter where I live?

Nope. As long as you have a stable internet connection and access to Zoom, we're good to go!

Do you coach web developers?

My business coaching program has been created for both web developers and designers. I generally use the terms interchangeably because both agency owners and freelancers tend to flex into both front and back-end roles to meet the needs of their clients and projects.