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Build your business on solid ground

Discover the 5 critical foundations that will power you into the top 5% of freelance businesses.

Foundation 1 - Establish your purpose

Ever feel like you don't know WHY you do what you do? I've been there! This primary module will help you to get clarity on your own personal "why" so you can build a business with real purpose. No more confusion, and no more struggling to get out of bed in the morning - you've got a mission to accomplish!

I call this foundation Your Real Reason, and it will enable you to create a business that drives realworld impact and personal fulfilment.

Foundation 2 - Define your ideal client

Most service-based businesses work across the board, with companies large and small, and in various sectors. Over time, this can feel messy and stressful. In this module we look at how you can identify the people and businesses that you most resonate with.

I call this foundation Your Shared Values Partner, and it will enable you to find and engage likeminded people that bring you to life.

Foundation 3 - Package and price your services

Have you ever done something a client has asked for, simply because you felt worried you might lose them if you said no? If so, this module is for you. We price and package your services into a clear offer that you can really get behind. We build repeatability into your process so that you can deliver high quality work, every time, without losing creativity.

I call this foundation Your Gift to the World, and it will enable you to work smarter and generate much more profit.

Foundation 4 - Create your marketing strategy

If your sales and marketing strategy is scattered, ineffective and changes every few weeks, then you will LOVE this module. I will show you how to develop a simple two-pronged strategy so you can avoid overwhelm and start making rapid sales. I will share my own proven techniques for holding powerful sales conversations and selling without feeling "salesy".

I call this foundation Your Impact Method, and it will enable you to take your service to market in a way that suits you.

Foundation 5 - Gain structure and accountability

Often, freelancers lack discipline and accountability. That's because there's no boss watching our performance. But willpower alone won't cut it - we need to create an environment that will support our growth and keep us on track, even when things are tough. This module gives you the tools and techniques you need to be a creative powerhouse.

I call this foundation Your Personal Performance Plan, and it will enable you to hit your flow state and deliver the best work of your life.

Course materials

What's included in this course

This is an in-depth, comprehensive online course. Here's what's included:

  • 10+ hours of self-paced video content
  • Actionable lessons on business strategy
  • Deep-dive lessons on your mindset development
  • Access to a community of likeminded learners (coming soon)
  • 15+ exercises to help consolidate your learning and take action

This course will take you deeper than any other educational material you have engaged with so far. You will learn how to create a solid freelance business, but the course will improve your life in all areas by helping you to see your own patterns, drivers and self-sabotaging behaviour. You will gain the tools and confidence needed to reflect and continually improve.

This course is for you if...

  • You want to turn your shaky, unpredictable freelancing into a real, sustainable business
  • You want to create a consistent and growing income
  • You've tried so many strategies but nothing seems to be working
  • You suck at marketing or you don't like sales
  • You want more discipline and accountability in how you work

The 5 foundations taught in this course will catapult you into the top 5% of freelancers. Most businesses fail on at least one of these foundations. This is your chance to build something BIG.

This course will show you...

  • How to package and price your service
  • How to define your ideal type of client
  • How to start conversations to generate leads
  • How to maintain a confident, positive mindset when working alone
  • How to build a painless marketing strategy and sales pipeline

The best thing is: it doesn't matter where you are on your freelance journey, you will get immense value from this course.

This course won't force you to pick a niche, tell you to hire a team or promise you a six figure income. But it will give you the tools and confidence to do what is right for YOU.

Who is the course for?

Website Designers and Developers

Web and Mobile App Developers

Copywriters and Content Writers

Graphic Designers and Brand Designers

Illustrators and Motion Designers

Digital Marketers and SEO Specialists

The Freelance Business Builder will strengthen your mindset, grow your confidence and enable you to create a freelance business that truly stands out.

Why am I building this course?

I've been a freelance web developer for over 10 years. During that time, it often felt like something was missing; like the freelance life was not what it was supposed to be. Then one day, I decided to niche into the nonprofit space - building websites for small charities. With this newfound sense of purpose (the first foundation of this course), everything changed. I built a six figure business within two years, and found more fulfilment in my work.

When I retrace my steps, it is clear that I followed the 5 foundations I teach in this course, but I didn't know it at the time. I WISH this course existed back then! And so, if you follow the guidance laid out in this course, you'll not only find purpose in your work, but you'll also gain the confidence and motivation to build a solid, profitable freelance business as well.

My story

By building on the strategic and mindset foundations taught in this course I created a profitable and purpose-driven business

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