For web designers, developers and copywriters who love what they do, but struggle to sell it...

Make marketing & selling easy, so you can get on with doing the work you love

Learn how to identify & attract your DREAM clients so you can do exciting, highly-paid work and finally stop worrying about where the next client will come from.

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+ discover how I landed a £20k project without having to even pitch
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the struggle is real

Do these sound familiar?

Your marketing and leads are inconsistent because you don't know what to say or who you're talking to

You don't know where to find exciting, high-paying clients (or worse, you don't believe they exist!)

You dislike selling because it feels dirty or sleazy, and you definitely don't see yourself as a salesperson

The impact? A stressful business that barely pays your bills

I used to run a web development business. But before I implemented the techniques I'm going to show you here, the business basically ran me.
👎 I lacked processes for finding and onboarding new clients, so work was sporadic and unpredictable.

👎 I felt massive pressure to make the sale on every lead that came my way, so I always undersold myself on low quality projects.

👎 I had no idea how to qualify a prospect, so would waste my precious time on people who were "just browsing" (and would never buy!)

👎 I started every project from scratch, causing me to spend too much time on setup which completely obliterated my profit.

👎 I did everything manually, so scaling my business was impossible.
But the worst thing of all: I had no idea what I was working toward. What was all this for?
6 week live group course

The Dream Client Discovery Framework

The DCDF is a guided, step-by-step LIVE group course that will teach you exactly how to identify, attract and sell to your dream clients. Get the structure, support and strategy needed to drive qualified leads into your business.
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Why identify your "dream" client?

Running a business should be a joyful experience. When you clarify who your dream client is, everything falls into place:

  • Marketing is easy because everything stems from a set of  simple, core messages
  • Selling is effortless because you only attract the right prospects who are looking to invest
  • You earn more money because clients see you as a specialist "go-to" provider
  • You get more word of mouth referrals because of increased authority in your niche
  • You build a future-proof business because your offer is totally unique

A proven framework based on personal experience

For 10 years I was a freelance web developer, but I often felt something was missing. My business lacked processes, my income fluctuated and I began to dislike how tedious my work had become.

After several months of soul-searching I decided to stop working with anyone and chose to focus on non-profits.

This decision transformed how I saw my business and my role in it. No longer was I "just" a web developer; I was a business owner helping a specific type of client achieve their goals.

My business was purpose-driven, joyful and profitable. I served dozens of non-profits, helping them to raise £500,000+ online and reached consistent £10k+ months in my own business, enabling me to scale up, outsource and take time out to enjoy life more.

I want the same success for you.

The Dream Client Discovery Framework will guide you through identifying, reaching and selling to high quality, high paying clients.

Guaranteed results

Here's what you'll get from this small group programme (or your money back).
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Massive Clarity

Get clear on who to target and what to offer so you can do great work at premium rates.

Marketing Strategy

Take on a proven strategy to generate consistent, qualified leads for your business.

Mindset Upgrade

Discover insights to help replace stress and anxiety with abundance and optimism.

Supportive Community

Be part of something bigger by joining a group of business owners at a similar stage to you.
Tired of uncertainty and inconsistency?

Start bringing high quality clients into your business

The Dream Client Discovery Framework

6 week live group course

Join a small group of ambitious solo business owners on a journey to identifying, attracting and selling high-fee projects to high quality clients.


Price includes VAT
Next cohort kickoff: 20 June 2pm GMT

  • 6 x small group coaching sessions
  • 1 x 1-to-1 performance check-in
  • Guided worksheet exercises
  • Lifetime access to Dream Client Club
  • Peer support & networking

what my coaching clients say

I thought I needed a new pricing model. But it turns out that what I really needed was the confidence to be me. Matt helped me see this. He helped me get out of my head, understand who I am as a businesswoman, and lay the foundations for where I know my business can be.
Jen, Copywriter
My coaching sessions with Matt were brilliant. Through thoughtful, incisive questioning, he led me to a place of clarity and helped me to realise how I’ll need to pivot my business. Hands-down the best investment I’ve made in my business so far. 
Noah, Web Designer
I felt like my business was officially entering the next phase, and I needed someone external to help me untangle all the 'business owner stuff' in my brain. From working with Matt, I've figured out how I can reconnect to my WHY to build a business that's truly authentic to me.
Alex, Email marketer
 I have a much clearer idea of my direction and the WHY of that direction, as well as HOW that direction gets communicated and influences both the internal & external messaging around the business. I can recommend Matt to anyone looking to elevate their business and align it with their personal values.
David, web developer
I loved Matt’s way of digging to the root of my thought process instead of providing me with a ready-to-use formula. This has helped me to think deeply and take action. Matt is a good communicator and quick to respond.
Prashant, web developer
We needed some support to help us hone in on our niche. Matt absolutely delivered in helping us do this and by providing us with fantastic insight, expertise and honesty in his coaching it has helped us massively in moving the business forward.
Colin, creative director
The accountability and goal-setting of Matt’s coaching was really invaluable. I made progress in a lot of areas and came away from the experience with some significant changes in my beliefs, mindset, and approach to my business.
Oli, Copywriter
Matt provided a judgement-free space in which he respectfully challenged my limiting beliefs and how they’ve prevented me from building the business I want. After speaking with Matt and doing some of his simple yet powerful exercises, I’ve successfully shifted some mindset blocks and have been reminded that momentum comes from taking action. I’m feeling more confident to go after what I want!
Robyn, Copywriter
I have increased confidence to turn away work that doesn’t align with my values. Matt helped me see how growing a team could help me achieve my WHY more effectively than I could on my own.
James, web developer
Working with Matt made me realise what was possible, and I actually changed direction completely on a couple of things with a better understanding of myself. Matt himself is very warm, reflecting back your thoughts perfectly, but then helping to get to the heart of a particular matter.
Chris, Web Developer
Matt is an awesome coach. He helped me go deeper on the issues I originally brought to him and we were able to uncover even more things I needed to improve on. I'm looking forward to seeing how much my business and confidence improves after our session and would recommend Matt to anyone looking to invest in themselves and their business.
Gabi, Web Developer
On our first call Matt helped me to identify a really important thing that I needed to work on, which has very quickly led to me having my most successful month in the ten years I’ve been running a business. 
Andy Fox, brand designer
still Unsure?

Is the Dream client discovery framework a good investment for you?

This programme is not for everyone. To get the most out of it, you'll ideally be:
  • A skilled freelancer who wants more freedom, a better business model and higher income. You'll have no problem delivering for your clients; your main challenge is getting high quality, high-paying clients.
  • You're ready and excited to invest time, money and energy into your business (and see amazing returns!)
  • You're open to trying something new in a supportive, nonjudgemental and ambitious space.

Bottom line: if you're committed to growth you'll probably be a good fit for this programme.

What's inside the DCDF programme?

Here's a week-by-week breakdown:
Week 1


Install the beliefs necessary to create a thriving, profitable business.
Week 2


Get clear on the things you care about so you can connect with like-minded others.
Week 3

Dream Project Definition

Define your dream project so you know exactly what to shoot for.
Week 4

Persona & Offer

Get clear on your dream client avatar and define exactly what you'll offer them.
Week 5

Lead Generation

Create a prospect list + strategy to reach your dream clients.
Week 6

Marketing Messaging

Develop a core message that will resonate with your dream clients.
Private LinkedIn community 

Dream client club

Get lifetime access to a private community of high performing web designers, developers and copywriters. Dream Client Club is your one-stop shop for support & guidance to generate consistent income in your business.
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Frequently asked questions

For peace of mind 😌

Is there a money back guarantee?

I am totally confident that the DCDF will help you find more purpose, enjoyment and profit in your business. If you've done the work but you do not feel like you've made progress by the end of the programme I will refund 100% of your investment.

How many people are in the group?

8-10 people. I meet with each member to ensure they're a good fit for the group. We want to create an environment for growth and accountability to accelerate your business, so it's important there are not too many (or too few) people in the room, and that they're at a similar stage as you. 

How much time per week do I need to spend on this programme?

Weekly calls last approximately 90 minutes. This is a space to learn, network, grow and get support from myself as well as your peers in the group. Between sessions, you'll invest time into the worksheet exercises. This could be anywhere between 1 and 3 hours per week. The outcome of this process is a much deeper understanding of your own intrinsic motivators, and a clearer strategy for growing your business.

Why do I need to apply?

I personally meet every group member for each cohort. This is a great chemistry check exercise but it also gives me the opportunity to make sure I can 100% help you. When you apply, we'll spend 30 minutes together on a call to assess where you're at and where you'd like to get to. If I don't believe I can help, there will be no pitch. So if you're curious about what this programme can do for you, hit the apply button and arrange a 1:1 with me to find out for sure.

Do I need to pick a niche?

This course is not about picking a market sector. But it is about building a purposeful business. By exploring your values and figuring out what you care about, you will build your business from the inside out. So there will be preferences for whom you work with, but you will not be pressured into picking a niche in the conventional sense.

Can I just do all this myself?

Though defining your audience and offer is fundamental, many people don't actually do it. Why? Because it's really, really hard. That's why I developed this framework - to give you the structure, guidance, accountability and confidence to build this essential foundation into your business. This small investment of time and money will serve you and your business for years to come.

How much experience do I need?

This course is best suited to people who are skilled at and love what they do (design, copywriting, coding etc) but aren't so great at the business side of things, like lead generation and sales. It does not matter how long you have been in business or what your self-employed experience is. It works for newbies and those who have been around for years. The only requirements are that you love what you do and are ready to dig in and build a sustainable, profitable business.

What if I niche down then get bored?

This is the most common objection to niching. If you love variety and don't want to commit to any particular niche, don't worry. This course is not about forcing you into a particular market segment. It is about helping you uncover your own intrinsic drivers so you can connect with people who you naturally resonate with. From here, you'll do your best, most rewarding and profitable work.

I'm interested! What happens next?

If after we speak you'd like to go ahead, I will send you an invoice for the full programme fee, a calendar invite to the kickoff session and a questionnaire so I can better serve you individually as part of this group programme.
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