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Next-level freelancing

Learn how to build a better freelance business
22 November 2022 - 12pm-2pm GMT - Online

Freelancer, it's time to build an EPIC business

The bar to freelancing may be low, but the bar to success is high. Many freelancers get to a certain level, then simply stop. They hit their own glass ceiling.

In this live, interactive workshop you will discover what's needed to take your business to the next level, so you can find high-fee clients who are a joy to work with.

You will leave feeling inspired and ready to catapult your business to the very top of your game.

This 2 hour workshop is ideal for you if...

Your business is doing okay, but could be GREAT

You know that with the right actions, you could unlock so much potential

You want more freedom from your business

You know it's possible to work fewer hours and earn more money

You're feeling stuck and asking "what next?"

You've got so many options but no clear sense of direction

You will discover...

  • The ONE thing holding most freelancers back (and how to overcome it)
  • How to break through the "employee mindset" and see yourself as a true business owner
  • How to create a consistent and scalable income for your freelance business
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Who's running the workshop?

Hey, I'm Matt. I've been a freelancer for over 15 years. I've worked with clients of all sizes, managed teams and projects and hit six figures in my design business.

In this workshop I share my most important lessons. You'll get an inside look at how a successful freelance business can be built, and leave with some new knowledge you can put into practice in your own business.
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