Mar 5 / Matt Saunders

Big News! 🎉

I've been coaching for three years. It's time for a change...
Recently I've been feeling restless.

I'm not one to dwell in this state, so this post marks the start of a new adventure for me. And I'm inviting you along for the ride.

But first, some context...

Coming full circle

It's been almost three years since I hung up my web design hat and turned to coaching full-time.

I absolutely adore coaching. I get to see the inner workings of people's businesses and the thinking that drives it. I get to provide an empathetic ear and offer hands-on support.

During this time I've coached over 50 people one-on-one, ran three group programmes and led countless webinars and workshops.

I've also launched my own membership, The Solo Collective (and podcast of the same name).

But for a few months, I have been getting a little... itchy.

Hearing the stories of my clients, out there in the world creating stuff, I've been feeling a pull back into it.

To once again roll up my sleeves and create.

You see, I help my coaching clients with strategy, but I play only a very tiny part in the execution of their ideas. Sure, I'll cast my eye over their work and offer constructive feedback. But I don't do anything for them.

And this is what I've been missing. So today, I'm excited to announce that I'll be getting back in the saddle. I'm launching a new agency! 🎉

But stick around, because this isn't some boring update all about me. What I'm doing here is totally designed for you, too.

Introducing... Unnamed Agency

Okay, okay. So my idea doesn't have a name yet.

It doesn't have a brand, a website, any social profiles, or even much of a plan. But therein lies the beauty.

Because I am going to be documenting my journey every step of the way. If you're a creative service provider, you're going to get an inside view of how I build this business. Right from day one, today, where I have only a vague idea of what this thing looks like.

You'll see it develop. You'll share in my wins and failures. You'll learn along with me. And you'll take all this energy into building and growing your own business.

You see, for years I've been preaching what I practiced to reach six figures as a web designer.

But that was in 2020. And a lot has changed since then. The pandemic brought a lot more freelance competition into the market. AI is disrupting the entire creative sector.

What I preach is not necessarily reflective of the current reality.

Therefore, I intend to once again practice what I preach. As a coach to creatives, building my own agency will not only keep me bang up to date with the industry, it'll add a tonne of credibility that other business coaches cannot match.

It'll help strengthen my ability to coach other creatives, to help them build a business they love, one that marries purpose with profit.

I'm here to prove that in a world of uncertainty, with AI "threatening" so many livelihoods, with so much freelance competition, you can still build a beautiful, profitable business for yourself. 

So come along for the ride. I'll be sending an email every week updating you on exactly how I'm building my business. Just drop your details below to stay in the loop.

What am I building?

Details are still developing but so far I have made the following decisions about what this agency will look like:

  • It won't be a solo business - I intend to bring in contractors to support with all aspects of client delivery.
  • It won't depend on my personal brand, but it will be heavily supported by it (think what Rand Fishkin was to Moz).
  • It will grow into an exit-able asset.
  • The niche will be people and companies who are uplifting the human spirit (think meditation, lifestyle design, productivity, mindset, spirituality etc).
  • It will be a full-service agency.

My "north star" is to build a small team of passionate, talented people who work closely to inspire and support our clients, so they can focus on doing the same for their people. I'm combining everything I know about tech, design, business and psychology to build an agency that operates in pure alignment - with its people, its clients and its goals. Together we'll create an upward spiral of joy and goodwill, making impact and money along the way.

It's gonna be epic.

Why follow along?

So many creatives struggle with pricing, selling, outreach, rejection and all the stuff that goes into building a successful business.

I'm not saying I am expert in any of these areas, but you'll see how I navigate these common challenges and break through each one.

To make this interesting and inspiring, I'll also be publishing my results openly. That's right - my wins, losses and lessons, as well as my billable income will be available for all to see.

Come watch me build something amazing. Or crash n' burn!

Either way, get an insider view of how I'm building a creative business in 2024 and beyond.
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