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Hi, I'm Matt 👋

Having built a six figure web design agency, I help creatives to establish their businesses for growth. I've been featured in various publications and podcasts from Smashing Magazine to 15 Minute Freelancer and am a fully trained and certified business coach.

So, you're in good hands.

What problems do we solve?

Having worked with hundreds of business owners I see the same issues time and again. The Solo Collective will help you solve these problems by fast-tracking your personal and professional growth, so you can rise to meet any challenge.

Self-doubt and imposter syndrome

Do you secretly hold yourself back and sabotage your success by letting your worries creep in and take over. We take these challenges head on, so you can get out of your own way, reach your potential and build the business you dream of.

A lack of support and accountability

Does it sometimes feel like every day merges into the next, and you don't know where you're heading? We'll help you get clarity on your goals, find focus in your work and hold yourself accountable so you can live each day with purpose.

No method to reliably generate leads

Do you tend to rely on word of mouth referrals to get new clients? We'll not only supply you with fresh weekly leads, we'll show you how to reach out and pitch so you can create consistency and predictability in your business.

Strength in numbers

There are over 4 million self-employed people in the UK. And yet, many report feeling alone with no team to support them and nobody to bounce ideas around with.

The Solo Collective is not just an incubator for your growth, it's a space to meet others on the same journey.

Why go it alone when you can dip into a pool of ambitious and talented creative professionals who just get where you're coming from?
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Imagine what having a supportive group of like-minded business owners could do for you?

Let's make the creative industry stronger ✊

What's included?

The Solo Collective is an exciting online community packed with weekly events, engaging discussion and resources. It's the place to be if you're a freelancer or solo business owner in the creative sector.

Weekly goal-setting to drive clarity & purpose into your week

Every Monday publicly state the three things you'd like to accomplish by the end of your week. Something magic happens when you put it out there - you just feel more compelled to get it done. And when the week's over, report back on how it went.

✅ Intentional goal-setting is one of the most powerful ways to get stuff done in your business.

Live chat for support & encouragement when you feel a bit lost

We use a platform called Circle that hosts forum discussions on all sorts of topics such as getting clients, niching down and outsourcing. We also have a live chat that you can use to ask questions to myself and the members so you can get help when you need it.

✅ Whatever challenge you're facing, someone in the group has probably solved it. Ask away!

Feedback on your design and copy so you can do your BEST work

If your work involves creating things but you don't have anyone to offer input, it can be easy to second guess yourself. Ask for feedback on your work-in-progress and let the hive mind deliver its best insights! Ideal for helping you improve your craft and build confidence.

✅ Improve your output, get paid more.

Live weekly deep work session so you can focus & get stuff done 

Every week we get together on a call, cameras off, and focus on one thing. This could be to create a blog post, client proposal or schedule social media content for the following week. We set our intent, do one hour of deep work and by the end we've got a whole lot done. 

✅ It is amazing what you can do in 60 minutes.

Leads added weekly so you can always find new clients & projects

We've taken the pain out of lead generation by providing a feed of fresh opportunities, direct within the community, three times a week. Find new web design, copywriting, graphic design, SEO, programming projects and more waiting for you every day.

✅ Keep your pipeline topped up with quality, relevant opportunities for your business.

Live training & workshops so you can grow your knowledge & skills

Every month get exclusive access to live speakers, training and team workshops to keep expanding your knowledge, challenge your thinking and running at the top of your game. Plus network with your peers and get support & referrals in a warm and welcoming space.

✅ Rise above the AI-noise and stay ahead of the curve by growing your skills, knowledge and confidence.
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Platform walkthrough

Curious? Get a preview of what the community looks like on the inside.

Stop doing it alone

Get the support & encouragement you need to BOSS your business so you can create the income and freedom you want 💥

✅ Supportive & encouraging community
✅ Weekly deep work sessions
✅ Hot leads 3x week (one new client could cover membership fee for a year 🤯)
✅ A team to bounce ideas off
✅ Live training & workshops

£50 per month
Start now with a 7 day free trial. Cancel any time.
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Not quite ready to join? You might like to download The Dream Client Playbook, a deep-dive guide on how to identify and target your ideal clients. Get it here for free.
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From frustrated freelancer to thriving agency owner

I started out freelancing working with anyone and everyone. I had no pricing strategy so my income fluctuated massively. I had no system for evaluating clients so it was hit or miss whether I'd actually enjoy the work or not (most times, I didn't).

Then in 2017 I made the decision to work with small charities. I developed a service they could easily buy, a clear marketing strategy and built processes for delivery.

In just a couple of years, my income tripled and I was working on projects I loved with great-fit client. I earned enough to buy a house, take time off and hire a team.

I want the same success for you. The Solo Collective is designed to give you the inspiration, guidance and support to build the business of your dreams.
Matt's group is the nicest bunch of business owners. We're all there for the same reasons - we're growing, evolving, refining our business identities and what we have to offer. We face similar struggles and celebrate each others wins. Matt facilitates regular opportunities to come together to brainstorm problems that group members might be facing, and I always come away feeling motivated and supported.

As a digital nomad, in-person networking isn't really an option for me. But through Matt's group I've formed some supportive, collaborative relationships. This helps to deal with some of the loneliness and imposter syndrome that sometimes crops up as a solo business owner.

I'd recommend this group if you're at a point in your business where you're ready for growth, but you need a supportive community around you to make that happen.

Beth Rawlins

Website Strategy & Design

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Being a part of the Solo Collective has allowed me to connect with others who can share advice and experience. It's definitely been a great way to address imposter syndrome as you realise how common some individual worries and fears can be. An aspect of Matt's ethos which I love is the positive mindset and belief system needed for success – along with practical strategies.

I've made great connections within the group. I feel supported – and also like to think I've added value as well. Engaging with the positive mindset and focusing on my dream clients has led me to more consistent pitching to clients I'd love to work with. I'm already engaged and in conversation with multiple clients on my dream list!

Victoria Burton


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The Solo Collective is a fantastic group to be part of.

It can be a lonely life as a freelancer and I originally joined to meet other people in the same boat. I've made some great new connections and everyone is so supportive. Matt's approach combines mindset and practical advice and the group is great value for money. From posting copywriting leads to bringing in guest speakers, it's also a good place to find work and learn from others

Jamie Graham


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Frequently asked questions

Where do the weekly leads come from?

We partner with a lead generation specialist who scours LinkedIn looking for opportunities. There is a tonne of work out there - let us do the heavy lifting to bring it to you.

What sectors/niches are the leads in?

We post opportunities for copywriters, designers, SEOs, marketers etc - basically if you work in the creative sector, you'll find leads for your business here.

Where is the community hosted?

We use a dedicated community platform called Circle. In here you'll find resources, live chats, discussion forums, events and webinars, plus a member directory.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, there is no contract or long-term commitment.

How is this different to other communities?

We bring together personal growth tools, community support and business leads into one platform.

Who is this NOT for?

If your business is a side hustle or you already work a full-time job, this is probably not the community for you right now.

Got more questions? Email me at [email protected]
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