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It's time to take control of your business

Few things have the power to drag us down like dealing with challenging clients. These tricky customers can be demanding, hard to please and seriously impact our mental health.

If you're tired of being bossed around by your clients and feel like you lack power in your relationships, this book will help. Having experienced difficulties myself, in this book I share my best advice, designed specifically to help freelancers like you take back control of your business.

This book is more than just tips and tactics. Learn how to cope with fear, build resilience and establish boundaries. The culmination of 15+ years experience, I'm confident this is the last book you'll ever need to manage stressful freelance projects.

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What's in the book?

  • Identify and tackle tough clients.
  • Build your confidence and resilience.
  • Get actionable tips manage any situation.

Who's it written for?

This book is perfect for service-based business owners who want to feel more confident in themselves and their offering. Ideal for:

  • Web designers and developers.
  • Copywriters and content marketers.
  • Illustrators and graphic designers.
  • Branding specialists.
  • Digital marketers.