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Life can be overwhelming and stressful

We all have a million things rattling around our head at any given moment. It can be mentally and emotionally draining trying to keep tabs of it all.

But the good news is, you can let a lot of it go. It doesn't need to be in there, taking up space. The simple act of writing down your thoughts has been shown to release stress, improve your mood and boost creativity.

The power of journalling

I've been journalling my thoughts for years. Here's how it has helped me cope with the demands of running a business, managing a team and being a dad:
  • Writing is an emotional release - why keep all that stuff inside?
  • Writing helps me to process my thoughts and make sense of them.
  • Journalling every day has triggered so many ideas and insights for my business.
  • Journal prompts have helped cultivate my self-awareness and lateral thinking.
  • Regular writing has improved both my written and verbal communication skills.
Matt Saunders coach

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