Mar 2 / Matt Saunders

A Quick Tip to Boost Your Income

Earn more money as a freelancer by looking at the service you sell slightly differently.
Here's one mistake I see freelancers make time and again.

They don't often see the problem, but they're leaving money on the table.

Want to know what it is?

They sell their skills, not their service.

Let me explain...

Perhaps you're a copywriter or graphic designer. It might make sense to
offer the following:

Blog post - £200


Logo design - £500

But this is an incomplete way to sell yourself, and you could be charging much more.

A better way to sell

Woman holding out a neatly wrapped gift
When you go to a restaurant, you are not expected to construct the meal yourself. You get spaghetti and meatballs without having to order the two separately to put them together.

But when you sell your skills as a freelancer this way, you are expecting the client to construct your service. You're selling meatballs!

A far more effective way to sell is to pull together various skills into a package. Imagine this instead:

Social Blogging Supercharger
3 x thought leadership pieces (i.e. blog posts)
3 x social posts
2 x carousel posts
1 x monthly performance review

Why is this better?

It gives the client a vision to buy into.

It's the same reason a personal trainer might sell a "Body Transformation Bootcamp" rather than a batch of 10 workout sessions.

It's just more inspiring. And inspiration sells.

What's more, a package commands a higher fee than when you try to sell each component part in isolation. Why? Because it drives more value - or at least - the perception of value.

Think of yourself as a builder rather than a supplier of bricks.

Suppliers provide the bricks, the cement, the glass; but the builder builds the house.

Okay, I'm done with the metaphors. But I hope you get the point, which is: you can sell much more easily, for much higher rates, if you make things super simple for your clients to understand and buy.

Be a business builder, not the supplier of the parts. And watch everything get better.
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