Jul 22 / Matt Saunders

July 22, 2009

14 pieces of wisdom from 14 years freelancing.
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I went freelance 14 years ago ūü§Į
What a time this was. Fresh from the fallout of a global financial crash. Social media was still in its infancy. The UK had a Labour government.

Different days indeed.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing remains true: freelancing is  still a great option for those who want the flexibility to live life on their own terms.

Problem is, most freelancers don't achieve this. They take on work just to pay the bills, struggle saying no to their clients and consistently undercharge. They're stressed out and living month to month.

If this sounds like you please don't despair! I have 14 pieces of wisdom for you to mark 14 years in business.

  1. Favour action over perfection. If you're waiting for the stars to align, it might never happen.
  2. Work on yourself. Results flow from who you are, not what you do.
  3. People are generally good. Busy and self-interested, but good.
  4. Focus on what you want rather than giving your attention to what you don't want.
  5. Care less about what others think and stand up for what you believe is right.
  6. The journey is more important than the destination.
  7. Truly serving your clients often means challenging their wishes.
  8. Business-building is a long game. Keep the faith.
  9. Having a niche is optional. Knowing your ideal client is essential.
  10. Your brain is just a tool. Don't let it run the show.
  11. Speaking your troubles aloud to an attentive listener can be an absolute game-changer.
  12. As a freelancer you are a salesperson.
  13. Be useful. Be exceptionally helpful. Money will follow.
  14. Taking breaks really is a productivity hack.

No matter where you are on your journey, I hope these insights help give you a little boost ‚úĆÔłŹ

Matt Saunders
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