Apr 6 / Matt Saunders

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Feeling overwhelmed by what to work on first in your business? Use this daily planner to get on track.
Do you ever wake up in the morning without a clear plan for the day? Does it feel like you're making it up as you go along?

Constantly thinking about doing is a massive energy zapper. It's no wonder you have nothing left by dinner time, is it?

When my web design business started to accelerate I found myself overwhelmed by tasks and meetings. I felt I was forever playing catch up. My business was running me, not the other way around.

There had to be a better way.

A simple method to add order to chaos

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Business is messy. Especially in the early days. Lots of moving parts, many things demanding your attention. Without a clear structure to your days and weeks, your business will eat you alive.

So I implemented this concept of the "default day". It's really straightforward - you simply block out time in your day for specific activities. The idea is to give you something to do, without having to think, from the moment you wake up.

For example, your day might start at 7am with a shower then walk around the block. You might eat breakfast at 8am, read a book then start work at 9am.

By writing this stuff down it removes the need to think about it. How many times have you said to yourself "I could exercise this morning, or maybe I'll have an early breakfast and start work. No, wait, I'll read that new book instead".

If you let your reactive brain run the show in the moment, it'll always trip you up. Far better to plan ahead, commit to it then do it.

This was a game changer for my productivity and peace of mind. Why not create a default day for yourself?

Download my default day (and make it your own)

Productivity exercise - a screen shot of the default day
Get a copy of my default day here

To help you fill this out, here are some tips:

  • What would a great day look like? Think about the things that give you energy.
  • It's not all about work - build in leisure activities and family time. Make space for this, or it could get subsumed by your business.
  • Don't overcommit - make it doable, and do not beat yourself up if you miss an activity. Just get back on track, the day is not lost.

My clients love this exercise. Do they stick to their plan every day, religiously? Most do not. But that's okay. The default day is an intention. Just having it can shift your mindset to a more productive place.

You might take only one thing from it. For example, you might finally decide to start taking a proper lunch break. Or maybe you'll put a jug of water on your desk every morning so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

The default day is an example of shooting for the stars and landing on the moon. Implement it, enjoy it, and watch your productivity soar.
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