A web developer on a mission

I always knew I was capable of more. I just didn't know what it was.

Until an idea came to me in 2018...

The challenge

In 2018 after a decade working as a web designer I decided to use my skills for good. I was going to provide digital support to small charities who were making a big difference in their communities.

So I set up a new business 👊🏻

Business plan? Check.
Niche? Check.
Massive ambition to level-up the charity sector? Check!

I was ready to go.

But I realised I was missing some important things needed to achieve the big ideas I had in mind. I realised that my mindset and confidence did not match my ambition.

I needed to do some work.

Putting myself out there

Big things don't happen when you're hiding behind the laptop. My mission was not going to be achieved unless I dared to put myself out there. I would not be able to help my clients unless I first helped myself.

Through devouring tonnes of personal development books and with the support of coaching through an accelerator programme, I took massive action. I levelled up myself so I could better support my clients.
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Your impact and income matches the level you are at

I worked with 35 non-profit organisations and helped them raise £500,000+ in revenue. My own business hit six figures in 2020.

Without a clear purpose, I would not have overcome my own personal challenges. And by staying small, there is simply no way I would have been able to achieve such a big impact on my client community.

👉🏻 Personal power precedes positive impact.

This is why I coach creative business owners. My mission is to help grow a creative sector brimming with empowered, purpose-driven people, each changing the world in their own way.

If you're interested in building a business that has real impact take a look at my online course or enquire about working with me one on one.
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