Matt Saunders

I wanted to change the world, but I didn't know how...

In 2018, after a decade working as a web designer, I finally decided to use my skills for good. I felt a restless desire to fix the many injustices we see all around us, and I was going to provide digital support to small charities who were making a big difference in their communities.

So I set up a new business.

Business plan? Check. Niche? Check. Technical infrastructure? Check. Massive ambition to level-up the charity sector? Check! I was ready to go.

But I realised I was missing some important things needed to achieve the big ideas I had in mind. I realised that my mindset and confidence did not match my ambition. I needed to do some work.

Putting myself out there

Big things don't happen when you're hiding behind the laptop. My mission was not going to be achieved unless I dared to put myself out there. I would not be able to help my clients unless I first helped myself.

Through devouring tonnes of personal development books and with the support of coaching through an accelerator programme, I took massive action. I leveled up myself so I could reach and support my clients.

Montage of pictures from my story

Clockwise: local news feature, interview on a YouTube channel, speaking at a local event, publishing my own book.

Your impact and income matches the level you are at.

I worked with 35 non-profit organisations and helped them raise £500,000+ in revenue. My own business hit six figures in 2020.

Without a clear purpose, I would not have overcome my own personal challenges. And by staying small, there is simply no way I would have been able to achieve such a big impact on my client community.

👉🏻 Personal power precedes positive impact.

There is only so much impact that I alone can have. My dream is to grow a creative sector brimming with empowered, purpose-driven people, each changing the world in their own way.

If this sounds like you, enrol on my Create for Change coaching programme so you can be the change you want to see.