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Niche down to build a profitable and scalable business

Enrol on an intensive workshop designed to help you find your niche and take your service to market


Find your niche, grow your business

Find out how to niche down in this intensive half-day workshop. Here's what it covers:

Learn how to future-proof your business

Get confident with niching down

Understand what's truly important to you

Articulate your value proposition

Say no to the wrong projects

Earn a higher rate for your work

Develop SOPs so you can streamline

Build your brand

Get a readymade niche marketing strategy

The world needs specialists

Let me get to the point here: the world really needs specialists right now. Service-based businesses can no longer afford to generalise. There's just too much competition, and your service needs to revolve around something deeper than your job title. There are too many people pitching themselves as copywriters and WordPress developers. There aren't enough specialists with core knowledge on very specific subjects. These are the people who make a BIG impact.

Here is the opportunity: niching down is what separates you from the competition, delights clients and lets you charge a premium rate.

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Build a purposeful niche

For over 10 years I built websites for anyone and everyone. Each project varied in size and scope, and it didn't matter to me who the client was. At least, that's what I thought at the time.

It turned out to matter a great deal who the client was, because I ended up feeling demoralised and burnt out by the sheer variation in my work. I needed a better way of working: I needed a niche.

I decided to specialise, to serve a niche community. I chose nonprofits. Within two years I had helped charities raise £250,000+ online and built myself a six figure income. I leaned into this niche, serving them at every opportunity. And it paid off; I delivered a better service and built high quality relationships with my clients.

I can't wait to share my learnings with you to help you establish yourself as a specialist and achieve the success that most only dream of!

Niche down, level-up

Now is exactly the right time to become a specialist. The service-based business sector is evolving quickly, and only those who truly know their clients will thrive. Here's my proven process for finding your niche.

  • Book a call with me to discuss your specific requirements (you'll get some homework to do before the session)
  • Enrol on your half-day workshop
  • Get your tailored go-to market strategy document

This is a fully-remote, intensive half-day workshop for service-based business who want to find their niche.

Your bespoke, half-day niching workshop costs just £499+VAT. Imagine what you'll be able to achieve with a rock solid client avatar and a ready-made marketing strategy.

I can't wait to work with you!