Matt Saunders

The world needs more empowered creative people

I work with individuals and teams across the creative spectrum to help them build businesses that they absolutely love.

We have a connection crisis

Right now, there is an abundance of creative opportunities, yet many businesses face crippling challenges that prevent them from taking advantage. From the difficulties of managing bossy clients, to the lack of a clear business plan, lots of creative people are struggling to grow.

Freelancers and small agencies are hitting a glass ceiling, failing to develop a vision that resonates with themselves and their clients. I call this a crisis in connection. My goal is to help people like you smash through this barrier, create an awesome, scaleable business, and change the creative sector from the inside out.

How I can support you

I work with self-employed freelancers and creative agencies who want to build stronger, more effective businesses. Having worked in the design sector for over 15 years and scaled my own agency to six figures, my vision is a creative industry brimming with fulfilled individuals doing great work for happy clients. Get started:

  • Book onto a dedicated 1-to-1 coaching session.
  • Get tips and advice on my blog.
  • Read books tackling common challenges in our sector.

A little bit about me

I built my first website for fun in 2001 and decided there and then that I wanted to do it for a living. Over the past two decades I've been a web designer, content writer, project manager and SEO specialist. I've seen this industry from all angles.

But it hasn't been easy. I've faced many difficult and stressful situations. Only through an intense period of learning and development have I managed to build a design business that works for me, bringing fulfilment and financial prosperity.

My mission is to support others in the creative sector to achieve the same.

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Matt Saunders