Jun 15 / Matt Saunders

4,894,356 Opportunities

There are more opportunities for you than you could possibly imagine. So what's holding you back?
Does it sometimes feel like there aren't any clients out there?

If you watch the news too much, you'll be told that nobody has any money to spend and that the economy is in ruins.

But the truth is there are currently 4,894,356 registered companies in the UK. That's actually a 3.8% increase on the previous year.

So you see - the entrepreneurial spark is still burning brightly.
There are literally millions of people out there buying and selling - every moment of every day.

I sometimes visualise this as a stream. Ever-flowing, all you need to do is dip into it.

But many of us are convinced that the stream is a trickle. Or worse, a cracked and dried up riverbed with no evidence that life was ever here.
And the problem is that when we believe this to be true, we act like it is true.

We get into a scarcity mindset that tells us things like "I need to take on any work that comes my way", "I have to lower my prices to get work" and "I ūü§ě MUSTūü§ě convert this lead into a sale".

I've experienced this mindset many times. It is not pleasant. And what's worse, it's completely at odds with creating a thriving business - because you're running on short term, fear-based thinking.

Seriously, how many positive things can you think of that were born of fear? Not many, I'm sure.

To counter this you need to cultivate abundance. Remind yourself why you got into this in the first place. Who are you here to help? What are you here to achieve? Take a moment to reconnect with this. It will energise you.

Do what you can to re-gain a positive perspective and take action from this place.

Your beliefs create a self-fulfilling prophecy so make sure you're speaking the right things.

In the words of our American cousins: you got this.
Above: practice abundance by imagining you have £100,000 put into your bank account to spend on your business. What would you do with it? Would you hire? Run ads? Launch a new product? Getting into this headspace can give you a fresh perspective.
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