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7 Reasons to Use a Lead Magnet Quiz

Struggling to generate leads with a traditional lead magnet? See how an interactive quiz could turn things around for your business.
Have you ever spent hours creating a lead magnet such as a checklist or ebook only for nobody to download it? Or worse, have you ever paid somebody to create a lead magnet for you, but still haven't gotten the results you wanted?

The truth is it's getting tougher to stand out. These days, most businesses have some form of lead magnet, but customers are savvy and they won't give up their details to just anybody any more. Your lead magnet must demonstrate clear, up-front value.

I have found that the best way demonstrate this value and generate leads for my business is by offering an interactive quiz.

What is a lead magnet quiz?

Checkboxes in a notepad
Unlike a traditional lead magnet, which is typically a downloadable document, a quiz is interactive. Much like a classic lead magnet, the quiz-taker will enter their name and email address before being presented with a series of questions. By scoring each answer, the quiz is then able to generate a relatively customised result.

I've created several lead magnet quizzes and between them they have generated hundreds of leads (and paying customers) for my business.

7 reasons to use a lead magnet quiz

I'm never going back.

Quizzes are now a primary marketing channel for my business. Here are my top 7 reasons for why you should build your own.
ScoreApp dashboard
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#1 A quiz delivers an instant result

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use a quiz as a lead magnet is because it delivers an instant, personalised result to the user.

Traditional downloads with static content cannot do this.

Customising content can build tremendous value for your prospective customer which will increase their trust in you as an expert in your field.

In the example below, my scorecard provides customised results based on how the quiz-taker answered the questions. If the person scored low, they will see a different set of recommendations than if they scored highly. This level of personalisation will increase the value of your lead magnet significantly, as well as build your know, like and trust factor.
ScoreApp results page
But before you can offer personalised results, you first need to know what to ask. Well, clarity on this can come from creating the quiz...

#2  Quizzes help you figure out what to ask a client

I discovered that one of the unexpected benefits of creating a marketing quiz is that it helps you get super clear on what to ask a prospective client before they buy from you.

I iterated my first quiz several times before I landed on a coherent set of questions that could deliver a useful result for my prospects. There is something about the process of building a quiz that will shed light on the right questions to ask.

The quiz-making process in itself can contain a lot of value.
ScoreApp questions

#3 You can customise your follow up email sequence

No lead magnet is complete without an email sequence to nurture your prospective clients. But traditional lead magnets are limited in what they can tell you about your prospects. A lead magnet quiz, on the other hand, can tell you so much.

By integrating ScoreApp with your email service provider (I use ConvertKit) you can tag your subscribers as low, medium or high scorers. You can then customise the sequence of emails they receive. This is an amazingly powerful marketing tool that will allow you to deliver relevant content to the right people.

#4 You can use your quiz during onboarding

Man wearing blue shirt on mobile phone
Quizzes are usually used to attract leads, but that's not to say you can't use them as part of the onboarding process once a prospect becomes a paying client.

In order to hold a deeper dive conversation with my clients I sometimes ask them to complete a quiz once they've settled their deposit invoice. This gives me a tonne of insight that would not have been appropriate to gain earlier on.

This point demonstrates how versatile quizzes can be as a general business too, and not just a part marketing strategy.

#5 You can uncover audience trends to establish thought leadership

A lead magnet quiz gives you extraordinary insight into the minds of your clients. And with enough data, you can begin to draw trends. By sharing this knowledge with your market, you can build up authority and thought leadership in your space.

By drawing on my own findings, I have discovered that many of my ideal clients struggle with same issues (see these stats for more).

Think about the data you could collect with a quiz, and how you can apply that to your marketing strategy. What interesting insights can you share, that nobody else can see?
Freelancer stats
Above: my research determined that low confidence and lack of strategy are the biggest headaches for my audience (freelancers)

#6 A quiz cannot be torrented

If you dig deep enough you'll find that pretty much all static content ever created has been copied and distributed on the open web. You'll find TV shows, films, courses and entire books, all available free of charge from various dark corners of the internet.

But a lead magnet quiz cannot be stolen or replicated in this way. This is because the results are generated on the fly based on how the quiz-taker answers the questions. Your quiz and subsequent results are unreplicable!

#7 A quiz makes cold outreach much easier

I'm a big advocate of doing cold outreach on LinkedIn. But many of my clients fall at the first hurdle: they don't know what to say.

By offering a lead magnet quiz that provides genuine value to the quiz-taker, reaching out becomes so much easier. You simply offer them the quiz. In the image below, you'll see how I sent a cold message to a new contact only for them to reply and complete the quiz.

After a while, I began levelling this up with some automation software. Every new contact was invited to take the quiz, and many of them did. This shows that with the right audience, value proposition and framing, even stone cold outreach to new contacts can be effective.
DM screenshot on LinkedIn

Nobody downloading your lead magnet? Time for a change.

I'm not saying that traditional lead magnets are dead. But I do think customer expectations are evolving. No longer can you slap together a one-pager and expect people to hand over their precious details to download it. And even if they do, you need to ask yourself what next?

The goal of a good lead magnet is not only to generate leads for you, but it is to help your prospective customer in some small way. I have found, time and again, that a quiz is the best way to achieve this.

So if you feel like you're flogging a dead horse with your current lead magnet(s) it might be time to launch a quiz. You won't regret it.
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