Jul 20 / Matt Saunders

About Money...

The way you see money will either support or hinder your efforts in making any.
There is a very weird thing I see in the freelance community.

It's about money.

As a business coach one of the main topics I need to discuss with my clients is their finances. 

I ask how much money they make and what their financial goals are. And the same stuff comes up time and again.

People say things like "I don't want to be a millionaire" and "I've no interest in making a tonne of money"

And I totally get it because I used to say exactly the same thing.

If you're anything like me you're probably passionate about your work and what you value most is the freedom and flexibility that freelancing brings.

But the truth is that for me, I did want money. And I wanted more than I was willing to admit. But I associated making lots of money with unethical practices. I thought that people who had money were somehow "bad" people. And because I did not identify as a "bad" person, I equally did not identify as a person who has money. 

My beliefs influenced my actions which created my results. 

I self-sabotaged and the result? No money.

Are you stopping money coming into your life?

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In coaching we literally call this a "money block". There is a deeply held narrative running in the background that guides all your day-to-day decisions relating to how you generate income. These beliefs can either support you in making money, or they can completely obliterate your efforts to do so.

These days I have a much healthier relationship with money. I see it more as a transference of effort - or energy. Something that is designed to flow. No longer do I hoard it in fear of not having it. I'm much more open to investing it to build something bigger.

The message here is not to turn making money into your priority. The message is to see your own "money story" and ask if it's helping you or not.

Because let's face it - with more money you're less stressed and feel more valued. You can do better work for your clients, which in turn will help them achieve better results. In short you can create a better life for yourself, your clients and your family.

So, what's your money story? Feel free to share it with me and, if you'd like to rewrite the narrative to something more beneficial to your growth, I've got one more weekly coaching space available right now. Apply here.
Above - see how my "cost mindset" stopped me from making my life immeasurably easier when I began freelancing in 2009
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