Jul 5 / Matt Saunders

18 Ways to Fail as a Freelancer 😬

Written with love
I coach freelancers because my purpose is to uplift our industry, enabling us all to do amazing work that pays us well.

But when I reflect on the hundreds of freelancers I've helped, there are a few common blocks that keep coming up time and again. 

If you're a freelancer or solopreneur, here are 18 ways you might be keeping yourself stuck:

  1. Competing on price, trying to be the "cheapest" provider out there
  2. Not getting super, crystal clear on your dream client
  3. Endlessly planning and researching without taking bold action
  4. Trying to launch multiple products and services at the same time
  5. Not marketing consistently
  6. Failing to do outreach for fear of rejection and sounding "salesy"
  7. Working for free or for "exposure"
  8. Not taking payment up-front
  9. Waiting for "inspiration" to strike before taking action
  10. Waiting until you feel "ready"
  11. Focusing too much on the service and not enough on the solution
  12. Trying to do it all yourself
  13. Getting advice from others who are also stuck
  14. Refusing to learn how to sell
  15. Rely entirely on word of mouth referrals
  16. Not leading your clients properly, then complaining about them
  17. Avoiding talking about money with clients
  18. Not fully realising that you can walk away at any moment

Which of the above can you admit to doing?

The impact of keeping yourself stuck

Silhouette of man leaning against the wall looking tired and upset
The reason I notice the traits above, and why I publish them for the world to see, is because I've been trapped in many similar ways myself. 

In fact, I was the guy who would avoid talking money, never push back on unreasonable client demands, take on any type of work that came along and hated trying to "sell" myself.

But all that did was keep me small for years. 

I was unhappy. I was poor. There was always a lot of potential, but my work never seemed to reach the quality I wanted because I kept taking on crappy clients with low budgets. This made me undervalue my profession and led to sub-standard results.

Turning it around

Every single one of those 18 points can be fixed. It takes a willingness to see a better reality and a commitment to doing the work.

With that, you can completely transform your life.

If you're open to exploring this with me, check out my business coaching page where you can find out more and book a call with me.
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