May 4 / Matt Saunders

Do You Need a Niche?

Put what you think you know about niching on ice for a moment. Here's a completely different way to look at it...
Website donation screen
Above: a screen grab from my niche web design service for charities. It is an example of how to create imagery and messaging that speak to the needs and desires of a specific type of niche client. When you do this leads and conversions go through the roof.
The question of niching is one that, I'll be honest, does my nut in.

Because everyone has an opinion on it, but very few have actually ever done it.

Well, I don't want to be a know-it-all, but I have done it.

In 2018 I took my messy, unpredictable web design business and focused on building websites for small charities. I created a highly focused landing page for my ideal client and ensured it was optimised for search engines.

It ranked on page one for several key search terms which delivered consistent, highly targeted traffic. This brought in multiple leads a week, many of which turned into clients.

Boom. A purposeful business that makes good money (consistent £10k+ months, if you're into that).

Truth is, it's not that hard.

But the deeper truth is - most people just need to get out of their own way about niching.

"what if I get bored?"
"but I like variety!"
"I don't want to niche because.. reasons"

But here's what I've found: niching is not just about market sectors. It's actually about building a values-led business. In other words, a business that intrinsically motivates you.

Therefore, you'll never get bored.

When you take the time to build a business from the inside out, you'll love it. Because the work you do and the clients you attract will be aligned with who you are.

Do you need to niche down?

Niche readiness score
I've created a handy tool that'll tell you whether it's right for you to niche down.

No need to ask the social media echo chamber any more. Just complete these 10 quick questions to find out your personal "niche readiness" score.

When you've done it, message me to tell me what you think about your score. I'd genuinely love to hear what you think.
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