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My Best LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is a goldmine for freelancers. If you'd like more engagement and more inbound leads, here are my top performing posts to inspire you.
LinkedIn has generated £50,000+ revenue for my business in the past 12-18 months. The platform offers a tonne of opportunity for freelancers to start conversations, generate leads and get clients.

Through posting engaging content, regularly commenting and by leveraging automation you can build a complete lead delivery system for your business.

Sounds good, right?

But most people ask me "where do I start with LinkedIn content?"

Well, let me put my money where my mouth is and share with you 8 LinkedIn posts that have driven massive value for my business. These posts have led to new subscribers, call bookings and actual, paying clients. (Seriously, you might want to bookmark this post for reference).

Beware though: you can't just copy and paste the posts below. That won't work. Be sure to study them and make them your own. Use them  to inspire you, and steal like an artist.

What to post on LinkedIn to get engagement, leads and clients

I've posted pretty much every day on LinkedIn for over two years. These post examples are the results of that hard work. With a little patience, persistence and practice, you can make money on LinkedIn too.

Let's dig in to the good stuff...

#1 Something controversial

LinkedIn post example - something controversial
In this post I chastise web designers for leaning on their clients for copy. As an experienced web designer, I've learned all too well that when you rely on your clients to write the content for their new website, it generally does not go well. You'll probably end up waiting weeks for it, and when it does arrive, it'll be bad.

Why? Because clients aren't typically copywriters. This post sparked a debate, with 79 comments, 10 reposts and 136 reactions.

As I coach web designers, this post called out to my ideal clients - those designers and copywriters who value what they do, but perhaps struggle to market and sell their service. What is controversial in your client community? Try to land one way or the other, and avoid the vanilla-flavoured middle ground.

#2 Something that demonstrates your values

LinkedIn post example - something that demonstrates your values
If you've followed me for any length of time, you'll know that I'm a big believer in building a values-first business.

As a solo business owner, you will create the business in your own image (whether you know it or not) so you might as well do that intentionally. In this post, I put my values out there by talking about how amazing it is local libraries started offering free hot drinks during the energy crisis at the start of winter.

Many people agreed with me, leading to 176 positive reactions, 23 comments and 3 reposts. The lesson? Share your values.

#3 Something motivational

LinkedIn post example - something motivational
I'm on LinkedIn every day and, most days, I see somebody feeling the burn of entrepreneurship. They're struggling. But what I have learned through weathering my own storms is that the struggle is the work. It's not supposed to be easy.

This empathetic and motivational post got over 100 reactions, a massive 62 comments and 3 reposts.

What can you do to inspire and motivate your ideal clients?

#4 Something personal

LinkedIn post example - something personal
LinkedIn is not all about business. By sharing your values, your personality and your story, you begin to build up your own personal brand. In this post I simply shared a little about how I felt pressured to completely refit and redecorate our house. But as we had a new (and messy) baby, I had to let all that go and focus on what's truly important.

113 reactions and 24 comments show this resonated with a lot of people. The takeaway? What thoughts or opinions can you share about your personal life that will make others feel seen?

#5 Stop doing X and start doing Y

LinkedIn post example - stop doing X and start doing Y
In this post I talk about how many freelancers are waiting for the hand of chance to come and save them. Once upon a time, freelancers could easily rely on word of mouth recommendations, but these days we need to generate leads proactively.

This was received well and got 82 reactions, 39 comments and 2 reposts. What common self-created problems do you see your clients making over and again? What should they be doing instead? Get clear on this and post about it.

#6 A pep talk

LinkedIn post example - a pep talk
A LinkedIn post does not need to be lengthy in order to get traction. This quick message, imploring people to stop caring what others think, received 84 reactions and 22 comments.

What does your ideal client need to hear?

#7 A "hand-raiser" post

LinkedIn post example - hand-raiser post
A common method for recruiting new clients, especially if you target one-person businesses, is to call out directly to them.

In this example I used a hand-raiser post. The post describes my ideal client and the journey I'd like to take them on. It received 20 comments, most of which were from people interested in working with me. The lesson here - don't be afraid to call out to your network. The lurkers are waiting to hear from you!

#8 A warning you think people need to hear

LinkedIn post example - a warning
As creatives we tend to think everyone needs our help. And whilst all businesses could definitely benefit from our professional input, many are getting on just fine without. The lesson is to stop trying to appeal to the wrong people and start focusing on the ones with the greatest need.

This post got 72 reactions and sparked a debate in the comments. Your takeaway: don't shy away from telling your ideal clients what they need to hear. It positions you as an authority and will repel the tyre-kickers.

What's holding you back?

Astonishingly, only about 1% of LinkedIn users post content weekly. This represents a massive opportunity for creators. And with LinkedIn growing all the time, there has never been a better moment to begin establishing yourself here.

Imagine building authority within a community of ideal clients. Imagine what this could do for your business.

So, what's stopping you?
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