Mar 9 / Matt Saunders

Want Consistent Income? Read This.

Avoid the feast & famine trap that so many freelancers fall prey to by creating an outbound marketing strategy.
You've probably been told that the feast or famine cycle is inevitable.
Some months you make a lot of money (the feast) and other months you're starving for work (the famine).

This can be so stressful! ūüė£ BUT, it is most definitely not inevitable.

In this article I'm going to share with you exactly what you need to do so you can enjoy consistent and predictable income for your business.

Everything in business is downstream from leads

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"Everything is downstream from leads" - Daniel Priestley

The number one priority for every business is generating interest from potential buyers.

And the main reason so many freelancers experience a period of famine is because they don't truly appreciate this fact.

They rely on word of mouth referrals but neglect to put themselves out there and take their offer to the market.

Having people come to you is great, but it's a rocky way to run a business isn't it?

Under these conditions, the feast & famine cycle pretty much is inevitable, because you've got no control of your pipeline.

The answer? You need an outbound strategy.

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Outbound marketing is basically the opposite of inbound. Instead of people coming to you, you go to them.

The truth is most freelancers don't do this. Many have tried it, but without quick results, they give up.

But outbound is more than randomly cold pitching people and hoping for the sale. It requires the right mindset and strategy. With this it can actually be enjoyable and generate a tonne of leads for your business.

(90%+ of my business come through LinkedIn, and in 2023 so far the platform has helped generate ~£12k)

It's beyond the scope of this one article to give you everything you need to do outbound marketing, but if you're curious you can learn more from my 3 Step LinkedIn Outreach video on YouTube.
Watch: how to do cold outreach on LinkedIn
The key take away from this is that the feast/famine cycle is something that you create by not consistently following an outbound strategy.

It isn't some natural behaviour of the market, it's something you're actually making happen.

Fix this, and you'll never go hungry again.
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