Feb 16 / Matt Saunders

How to Earn £13million

In today's digital economy you might be a few strategic moves away from tapping into wealth you've only dreamed of. But it starts with your mindset...
Have you ever felt that there aren't enough clients out there for you? Or that there are too many people doing what you do? Or that a six figure business is for "other" people?

If so, you're probably falling prey to the "scarcity mindset" (I've been there plenty of times myself!)

Scarcity tells you there isn't enough.

It keeps you desperate and grasping.

It makes you more likely to take on crappy, low-paying work because you fear there is simply not enough out there. It is the mindset that keeps you small.

And the problem is, we tell ourselves that next time it'll be different. Next time a cheap client comes along, I'll say "no thank you". But when scarcity is present in our mind, it's almost impossible to refuse.

What beats scarcity?

Synapses lighting up in the brain
As a coach there is a simple mindset technique I teach: abundance.

You see - left unchecked, our mind will usually fall to scarcity.

The fear-brain is always on, looking for threats. That's why it's so hard to turn down opportunities to earn quick money, even if we instinctively know the opportunity isn't a good one.

I have lost count of the times I've taken on low fee projects because my fearful mindset was telling me to grab onto them.

Focusing on abundance counters this damaging perspective. Here's how to create an abundant mindset...

Your £multi-million opportunity

Gold bars
If deep down you believe there isn't enough money out there, you will subconsciously be creating a very limited income for yourself. This is because you'll always be seeking the low-hanging fruit, the cheap 'n easy work.

Let me help create some abundance for you so you can turn this around.

Currently there are nearly 2.8 million VAT registered, PAYE businesses in the UK. As a solo business owner, this represents limitless opportunity for you. How? Well, let's do some basic maths.
Imagine just 0.1% of these businesses became your clients.

Let's say the lifetime value of each client is £5,000.

That generates over £13 million in revenue for your business 🤯
There are more opportunities out there than you probably could handle in a lifetime.
And there is all the money you'll ever want or need. It already exists; you just need to step into it.

So instead of letting your brain do what it does best - trying to keep you "safe" by taking on any project that comes along - give yourself the strength to hold out, just a little longer, for something better.

Focus on the reality of abundance and you'll have everything you ever need.
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