Aug 16 / Matt Saunders

I Couldn't Sleep

LinkedIn got you up all hours sending connections requests? Automate the process so you can relax and get some peaceful sleep.

Have you ever found yourself awake on social media in the middle of the night? Your brain is buzzing with ideas for your business, and you just want to work. To make shit happen, to hurry things along.

But there's always that nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you you're not doing enough. You need to work harder, for longer hours. You want things to move faster!

With this mindset, you will never, ever truly switch off.

Well, this was me, and I had to do something.

Growing on LinkedIn

Tired man holding head in hands
LinkedIn is by far my biggest marketing channel. It has accounted for £50,000+ of business. But I was giving way too much time to it.

Literally, I'd catch myself at 2am sending connection requests 😵‍💫

For solo business owners, your earning potential is decided by the size and quality of your network. Therefore, a growing and strong LinkedIn presence is an obvious way to add £££ to your business.

But my compulsion to show up all hours of the day and night was taking its toll. I decided to automate some of my activities there to give my brain a rest.

How automation really helps

Dripify LinkedIn automation tool
My coach told me about an app called Dripify. You simply tell it the sort of people you'd like to connect to, and it'll get to work sending connection requests for you. 

This was totally liberating for me because it meant I didn't need to do this manually. I could finally switch off. What's more, my connection list has grown to over 11,000 and continues to expand.

Now I know that automation has a bit of a bad name, but you can do it without spamming or disrespecting people. If you're curious to learn more about how to integrate this into your business, for peace of mind and automatic growth, I've put together a ​deep dive article on LinkedIn automation here​. 

Seriously, if LinkedIn growth is causing you headaches, you've got to check it out. Now that my network is expanding automatically I can focus on the important stuff like creating great content and reaching out to potential clients.

And after all, you can't beat a good night's sleep 😌
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