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The Super Simple Process to Accelerate Your Freelance Business

Learn how the GROW model used in coaching will get you there quicker

One of the first things I learned about in my coach training was the “GROW” model. It offers an extremely powerful way for me to support my coaching clients in hitting their goals. The acronym stands for:

Let's take a look at each bit of this in detail.

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The GROW model in action

Your goals

The first part of the model involves talking about goals. This is not as straightforward as asking “what are your goals?”, because many people struggle to articulate what they want. Instead I might ask questions like:

Each question begins a new conversational thread which can lead to discoveries you have never considered before. In fact, it was a joy to see a recent client actually uncover and articulate their business vision for the first time on a coaching call.

Your reality

Once we’ve established goals, we must assess our current situation, the “reality”. This involves asking questions such as:

These questions are helpful for shining a light on limiting beliefs. It’s very common for freelancers to have simply written off potentially useful ideas simply because they haven’t applied themselves. Usually, this is brought about by fear. For example, somebody recently told me that they don’t spend much time writing proposals because they don’t believe they will even be read by their prospects. They fear wasting their time so instead, they send out copy/paste proposals. The projects don’t land, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. To get past our assumptions and limiting beliefs, we must examine our options.

Your options

By discussion options, we take a step back. We acknowledge our goals and reality, then seek to move forward. We do this by asking questions such as:

When discussion options, things begin to feel possible. It’s an exciting time in the conversation where the client’s eyes light up. They begin to scribble down ideas, as those long-held limiting beliefs are finally lifted! Next stop: ACTION. An example coaching conversation Coaching questions help us to zero in on a specific problem or goal, then tease out ideas to move forward

Your actions

No coaching conversation is complete without the final step. The “way forward” (sometimes also referred to as the “will”) is defined by asking questions such as:

As you can see, the coaching relationship is about reflecting on your experiences, interrogating and breaking down barriers, and building a path forward. One that you can take, step by step, toward a more confident and prosperous future.

If you’d like to explore how coaching could supercharge your freelance business, get in touch to start the conversation.